Fishing With Heart

Once you’re on the water, age makes no difference. It’s the fish we care about and the fishing we share.

Fishing is for all ages, young and old alike.

A child's participation in the catch brings them into the experience for a life time.

Ashlynn Wild, the young girl assisting at the net in this Hooper’s Pond action photo, was full of dancing glee as she “caught a fish!” Connecting kids to the outdoors is one of the most important things we can do. I’ll be writing about Hooper’s Pond, a privately held acreage dedicated to invalid and at-risk fishers of all ages.

The trout are enormous and plentiful but none of them are as big as the heart behind the vision. You’ll soon meet owner, Charlotte J. Hooper, who still runs the property since her husband, Howard Gaines Hooper Jr., the visionary behind its development and purpose, passed away a short time ago.

The point is that fishing is wholesome and healing. When it’s introduced to young children in a way where they see the fish and participate in the catch, you’ve given them a gift that will last their life time. They will grow to appreciate and care for the great outdoors.

Check out the YouTube interview series with Michael Christensen, CEO and President of Pass It On Outdoor Mentors, a project based in Witchita, Kansas partnering with Big Brothers, Big Sisters to accomplish just such a mission. We posted it on YourOnTheHook.

The more children we introduce to the outdoors, the healthier will be our society in the future. Call it Fishing with Heart.