Pend Oreille River Fishing: Largemouth Bass

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Good bass habitat along the Pend Oreille River system is common. There are a number of good sloughs and backwaters where bass like to sun themselves and hide while they wait for small fish, mice and whatever else may appeal to their healthy appetites.

Fishing Largemouth on Pend Oreille River

Lake Pend Oreille, among most fishermen, is known for its population of large rainbow trout imported into the system from the interior of Canada.

For this reason, it may surprise many that North Idaho actually has some rather fine bass fishing for largemouth. Not only do the Clark Fork / Pend Oreille River systems hold this species in relative abundance, many of the smaller lakes such as Shephard, Cocollala and even Robinson Lake near the Canadian border in the Panhandle hold Micropterus salmoides. For size they range to an occasional 8 pounds, with a six-pounder common enough that most bass fishers in North Idaho have caught at least one in that size category.

For good largemouth bass habitat, look for grass shorelines, trees that have fallen into the water (especially sunken) and cattails. Little islands of cattails and grass are best because they may actually be floating above deeper water. And never overlook beaver runs near lodges.