Five Good Reasons to Fish


Fishing Replenishes the Soul

Even in the dead of winter on a frozen lake, all by yourself, you can sit and watch the wonders of this creation. That’s reason enough.

Food on the Table

I don’t know about you, but I love to eat fish! I’d much rather have fresh fish–that I know has been properly handled (by me)–than poorly handled in shipping by unknown hands. Somehow it just tastes better when I’ve caught it.

Time with a Friend


It can be Challenging

Most humans love a challenge. It stimulates the mind. Let’s face it, outwitting a dumb fish makes a man feel like he’s really accomplished something!

It’s Great to Be Recognized


The praise of an adult toward a child, or the encouragement of a friend in the landing of a good fish adds to one’s self esteem and personal value. Some of the greatest friends in my life have been the men and women with whom I first fished.