Let’s Never Forget

The Fourth of July Is A Celebration of Memories and Reason


Let’s Not Forget

Now in my 64th year, I celebrate the 4th of July in North Idaho with a pensive heart because i don’t want to ever forget the many men and women who paid with their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. Let’s not forget those who are crippled physically and mentally either–because they paid also a price for us to enjoy these times.

I can’t imagine any one of those serving America wanted to die or be injured or suffer remorse later. Certainly I want to enjoy a holiday like this, and I do; but to go on without mention of these lives lost and ruined is to ignore the pain that brought us the freedoms we have.

Let’s do our best to hold on to the independence we so valiantly earned.

~Dwayne K Parsons on Twitter @IFishWrite