The Greatest Factor Involved in Consistently Successful Fishing

Believe Like a Child Believes

As we drove up to the Point of rock, this boy said, “I’m going to catch the biggest fish and the most, ’cause I always do.” Four of us went about it for an hour or so and sure enough, this kid was right!

Believing you can is more than half the battle in fishing success.

Not only did he hook and land the largest of the bass caught that night, he fought it extremely well, keeping himself calm, not giving slack as the fish swam hard, pulling line on a drag set just right. It took a minute or two to bring the bass in where his Father could net it.

Look at the beam on this young man’s face. Who can deny his excitement. The great thing was that even his brother, who would have liked catching that fish himself, said something like, “Man, it’s great when someone catches a fish THAT big.”

We were all excited and the mood went home with him that night to be shared by his entire family. I thought about it and realized how important it is that fishermen believe they are going to catch fish. Al Lindner said the same thing once, I believe it was Al, that those who believe they are going to actually catch more fish than those who cast with apprehension, skepticism or doubt.

Can there be any doubt about that? Look again at the beam on this boy’s face and tell me you don’t believe.

# Dwayne Parsons, Twitter @IFishWrite