Pick A System and Work that System

If you wonder why some bass fishermen are more successful than others, there are two good reasons. Neither one is more important than the other; so it’s not like one and two. They both count in the factoring of fish caught.

Crank bait system

When you're ready to learn, pick a system you know others are having success with and then use that system until your body memory understands the subtleties without you thinking about it. Switching back and forth between fishing systems weakens your confidence.

One is they choose a system and work the system. The system works. They’ve seen others using it, so they stay with it until they master the subtle techniques required in presentation bound inherently to that particular system.

The other is that they spend a lot of time fishing. Rick Lawrence, for instance of Fish N Fool Lures fishes his unique swim baits 3 or 4 times a week.

Al Lindner, of walleye and spiny ray fame, fishes close to 300 days a year–it’s been his business to do so.

Mike Robertson, a great trout crank bait angler is the same way. Pro anglers, like these, stick with the systems they select because they know it works and they master them.

Fly Fishing Guide Russell Moore has developed a unique system for deep water nymph fishing that has upped his catch and release count considerably over his competitors.

These anglers are masters in their own right because they learned a system and stayed with it. Do they innovate? Yes, they do. Do they explore and try new things; yes, of course. But they rely on their system of choice for the most part.

Your object lesson is to pick a system that works and work it until you master it. Then do your innovations or pick another system. You’ll learn more and catch a whole lot more fish.

~Dwayne Parsons, Twitter @IFishWrite