Peace for the Soul

What is the Sound of Quiet?

I have experienced a place where there are no interruptions, no sounds of city or man in any way. The sound of flowing water, birds, insects and leaves rustling softly to the rhythm of a breeze–these are quiet sounds. They sooth the restlessness in my heart, calm the fears, subdue the anger. These sounds gladden me. They bring me around to a keen awareness where I sense my soul is not disturbed by self-conscious desire, but rather that I am part of something much larger and more significant than self.

There is a place in each of us where solitude can be found, where all that is labelled is shed for a mindless quiet that allows and recognizes only the environment around us. Then there is the sudden awareness that we are part of it and it is much bigger, much greater than we who are graced to wade through it.

These are rare moments. They may happen only a time or two, at best infrequently in anyone’s life. I suspect the greater majority of human beings passing their lives on this planet never experience what I’m writing about. But I do…once in awhile and it’s enough to put me in awe of my surroundings, enough to put peace in my soul.

~ Dwayne Parsons, on Twitter @IFishWrite