What to do when you’re not catching fish

Think about it over a rich cup of Camp Coffee

When you're not catching enough trout under hot sun, clear sky days of summer, stay late by the river and brew a rich cup of Camp Coffee...think things over.

Camp Coffee

Have you ever experienced a hot summer day fly fishing where no matter what you tried you couldn’t hook enough fish? I have–more than once–and I know my insects. When that happens, there’s only one thing to do. Renew yourself with the real reasons you go fishing in the first place. It’s not about numbers. It’s about the whole experience of being outdoors, of connecting to the river and the life that’s in it because that’s a reflection of you, of who you’ve become and what you’re doing in life.

You have to humble yourself and think things over–replenish the dream–know what I mean? I fish because it connects me to the deeper things. When fishing becomes a chore, when I lose touch with the real reason I’m there, it’s time for a break. Pull out the camp coffee pot, dip into the grounds, eat dinner first and then sit around sipping rich black coffee the way Montana cowboys drink it.

Camping out is great

I love to camp out and I confess I go often enough. Recently I had a chance to sit around a well-built campfire with friends and talk about life and how great it was to be outdoors and to count stars between forested tree tops on a crisp moonless night. I  listened to the river sounds flowing and wondered what animal caused that noise in the dark.

Drinking coffee under those conditions keeps you awake for the best of all reasons: to experience the excitement of life, to set aside the stresses we take on, to put away the responsibilities and the obligations for just a little while and live again like a kid.

Unbelievably rich

I’ll tell you something really important: if you’ve never smelled fresh ground coffee cooked the old-fashioned way, starting with cold mountain water, brought to a boil and perked in the open cold air of a Rocky Mountain night–you’ve just not lived!

So you sleep-in a little the next morning, so what! You’ll wake up excited. You’ll fish better, appreciate more and go back to town with a happier gait to your walk.

~Dwayne Parsons      Twitter.com/#!/ifishwrite